Non-Broadcast Videos Portfolio

For picture quality purposes or to segment your messages to highly targeted audiences, video can be delivered physically on DVD, memory chip or CD. Many of our educational materials are sent directly to students on DVD as part of their course materials. Infomercials are more targeted when delivered on DVD to specific target groups rather than broadcast generally online. The limitations of HD technology currently necessitates using non-broadcast routes for playback, though technological developments may change that route in time.

Click on the buttons below to view a selection of extracts from our extensive range of non-broadcast videos:

Wild Britain
Wild Britain

This is the full ‘6 minute’ pre-show presentation that came joint second at the Creative East awards, 2008.  Made in full HD.  Visit


The explanation of how both the primary and secondary rainbows are formed cries out for 2D and 3D graphics - which we’ve used extensively in this DVD for the Open University.

Walter’s bridge
Walter’s bridge

90 year old Walter Carpenter recorded this piece of oral history about the demolition of a piece of West Virginia’s history – a bridge built by his father in the 1920s.








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