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2011 new venture

Bangladesh this year - next year India!...
Date: 21/06/2013

Consultancy work in Bangladesh

During a number of occasions 2010 has been spent helping to teach 23 million children.......
Date: 12/10/2010

Business Networking for Bedford

If your business is in or around Bedford see the best way to promote it....
Date: 29/12/2009

Corporate video for Baxter Healthcare

An Open day is an opportunity to create an induction video for new staff......
Date: 17/11/2009

Sky high Return On Investment for an Infomercial

Return on Investment has been 10,000%.......
Date: 17/11/2009

Runner-up at Creative East for the second year

If being a finalist at the Creative East Awards 2008 was not impressive enough! ......
Date: 14/05/2009

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais? Could it be? Surely not?...
Date: 25/11/2008

OU projects recently completed

Two out of five projects, currently being produced for the Open University, have just come to completion....
Date: 25/11/2008

Continuing OU projects

A very varied selection of topics being produced.......
Date: 25/11/2008

October 08 Creative Bedfordshire

Creative Bedfordshire is the Creative Industries cluster for Bedfordshire-based businesses and artists. ...
Date: 25/11/2008

The New Peet Media Website is now Live!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Website. The site was designed with you, the visitor, in mind with ease of navigation and quick download times to ensure that you enjoy your surfing ex...
Date: 30/06/2008

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